The Easy Five

“The Easy Five”?  What’s that, you may ask. Is it the latest novel to make the bestseller list? A new singing group?  The first few miles of a marathon? The five girls in high school most likely to…never mind! No, wrong on all counts.

“The Easy Five” refers to those first five pounds that seem to melt off so easily during the first week of any new weight loss program or regimen. That same five pounds which give you a sense of pride and control, can turn into the bane of your existence. That same five begins to taunt you, when week one turns into week two, and sometimes into week three and you are still keeping company with the Easy Five.

The Easy Five. The dreaded Easy Five.  I’ve come to expect it. Like an old friend, I can rely on the Easy Five to visit me. What I cannot predict is how long it will stay. I am always ready and eager to bust through that Easy Five and experience the triumph of the Satisfying Six.

The Easy Five is quite the phenomenon.  You get a little over-confident – “gee, if I can lose five pounds in one week, I’ll be down to my goal-weight in three weeks! Cool!” Um, no. It does not work that way. I think the Easy Five is like that guest who comes to visit and overstays his welcome. It is annoying for a short time, but finally, it does leave.

Yes, the Easy Five is like that. But ultimately, we blast through it and arrive at 6, 7 8 and beyond. It just takes a little perseverance.  The Easy Five is what we commonly call a plateau. Be patient – you WILL get past it. But recognize it for what it is. It takes a plan, a strategy to get past it.  Your best ammunition against the Easy Five is patience, patience and more patience. Oh, and perseverance.

Your healthy eating and your exercise routines must work together to be successful, they go hand in hand. So consider the ratio. If you are relying mostly on your eating habits but are only walking short distances and/or doing a small amount of exercise, you may have to reassess. As you move into your second and third weeks, remember to tweak that ratio. Walk a little further.  Work out a little more.  Eat a variety of healthy foods rather than the same things over and over. Variety. Shake things up.  If you lift weights one day, swim or pool walk the next.  And who knows? While you probably can’t avoid The Easy Five, maybe you can shorten the stay.

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