Welcome Back!

We’re back and W2G is better than ever. Thank you for joining us on our newest journey, a 6-week trek towards a better future. While October may seem a random time to begin a new healthier regimen, it actually makes perfect sense. Six weeks from October 21,2014 (our first official day) takes us to Thanksgiving time.

Let’s face it, November and December can be tough. The combination of delicacies that you normally don’t have laying around, the colder temperatures, and the increasingly stressful and busy time, the demands on your every day life, not to mention family gatherings, all add up to the tendency to overeat. If we can work hard now, forming healthy habits such as food journaling, tracking your food intake and increasing your activity levels, we can avoid much of that dreaded holiday weight gain.

Wouldn’t it be great if by New Year’s, none of the resolutions we have to make would revolve around food?  I cannot remember a time in recent history that this was the case for me. Personally, I think that is a great goal.

So I have vowed to fight this fight now, alongside anyone willing to do so with me. There is safety in numbers and, I think, there is also a higher success rate.  I am but an email away, and hope you will contact me with suggestions, problems, advice or just plain salutations.

In addition, this blog will be updated regularly with interesting points, helpful hints and as always, a bit of humor. Keep your eyes here for my latest and greatest fitness and health musings. And I will make my fight public – asking for your support and perhaps help during those tougher times.  It seems since I crossed the 50-year line, the only thing I’m NOT losing are the extra 10 lbs I’m carrying around! Keys, memory, glasses, will power – all lost quite easily. Weight? Not so much! Even though I’m active, I struggle too, so let’s help each other and make this session of W2G the best yet.

So – can we do this?

You betcha!

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